A real conversation about dosing, and why 99% of CBD brands are getting it wrong.

Finding a CBD company who you can trust has high quality products, putting dogs over profits, is hard enough. Even wHow much of the product should your dog consume to see desired results? The answer is not as simple as many would have you believe…

As many of you know, our company was founded in January of 2017. However, we didn’t offer our products for sale until March 2018. Why is that?  The answer is simple, it takes research and development to understand how these products affect our dogs on an individual basis.

The industry standard it to base the size of the dose your dog should receive exclusively on the weight of your animal. That is a massive oversimplification of something much more complex. We spent over 9 months testing subtle variations of our formula on over 120 dogs. We landed on the perfect proprietary blend, but what’s even more valuable is the insights we received in regards to dosing.

An effective dose has a lot more to do with the symptoms you are trying to treat than the size of your animal. That’s not to say size shouldn’t be taken into account, but it’s absolutely secondary to the ailment you are aiming to treat, and the symptoms involved. For example, skin allergies are treated effectively at a relatively low dose in even the largest dogs, and anxiety requires a heavy dose even if you’re treating a chihuahua. We are currently developing an app that will be able to answer these questions in an easy to navigate user interface, but until then, we encourage all of our customers to reach out directly for personalized dosing advice. Plus, we absolutely love meeting you as well as your dogs!