It’s March 2019, and by now you’ve likely heard of someone you know using CBD products on their pets. Research suggests it may help with a wide variety of ailments, and loving pet owners across the nation are hopping on board. Some people use tinctures, some swear by treats. Today we will be discussing our signature flagship product, our TREATment tincture.  

One question we are often asked is “what’s the best way to administer the oil?” The answer isn’t always that simple, and we break administration down into three tiers; mixing with food, saturating a treat, or dosing directly into the mouth. Read further to see which method is best for your situation.

Mixing with food is the simplest way to consistently dose your dog. It becomes part of the routine for mealtime, and puppies love the added flavor. It’s not a good option for dogs that do not finish food in one setting. You want as much of the oil to enter the system together as possible. Another downside to this method is that some oil ends up as residue on the sides of the bowl.

Saturating a treat or piece of bread is a great way to get your dog a full dose quickly, and even on the go. This method is great for people who want to give a mid day situational dose, or for those who travel with their animals frequently. No oil is wasted using this method, although it does require an extra step on our part as the owners in comparison to below.

Administering directly into the mouth is the most effective and least wasteful method. That being said we almost never recommend using it. The reason being is that many pet owners will force the process and unintentionally create a negative connotation with the bottle. If you are very in tune with your dog, and they are tolerant as well as trust you 100%, feel free to administer this way. But if your dog isn’t excited, and licking the dropper, then DON’T DO IT!

Those are the 3 main methods of administration that we recommend. One last fun idea to try! Mix some of the oil with water, and freeze ice cubes!