The day we picked Moxie, our 22 pound mini-aussie, up from the shelter it was clear she had a long way to go before she was going to be a “good dog” or more importantly, feel comfortable in her own skin, We went through many ups and downs, and faced many fiercely tough challenges, but with the help of Canine-Bliss CBD products, and the dedication of a loving, patient family, she’s a great dog 13 months later!

Moxie (then Roxy) was originally brought to the shelter as a puppy, where she was adopted at 6 months old. Her first ‘forever family’ had no business owning a dog. She was kept in the backyard. She was never walked. She was never socialized. She was allowed to come inside “when it rained, but we kept her in a kennel in the kitchen.” The day we met her, was the day her old owner returned her to the shelter, after 18 months of living this way. Her fur was matted, and she avoided touch at all costs.

The first few days were hard to describe. She was so confused. It was clear she had endured real abuse, and that socializing her with people, let alone other dogs would be a long process. My first morning leaving for work, She threw herself at the door behind me for 25 minutes, and her mother was still home trying to calm her down. The separation anxiety was likely the hardest part. She was so attached to me that she would nearly injure herself physically. We used Canine-Bliss to make her more relaxed, and as a tool to help train the anxiety away! A secret is to give your dog a double dose and then work on desensitizing him or her to the triggers involved with leaving. For us it’s shoes, belts, and keys.

Getting her socialized was no easy feat either. It took months of careful introduction. I can’t tell you how many times we paid to get into the dog park, just for her to panic during the first two minutes, causing us to leave. She had never been in a situation where she learned how to play, let alone interact with a pack at all! She had no concept of a ball, and no concept of a toy. We started giving her a double dose before taking her to the park, as well as making sure we were not going during busier parts of the day. We saw progress speed up immediately, although it still was a process. We are proud to say she is now fully dog-socialized, and a wonderful communicator. The truth is she is still very standoffish to men she doesn’t know. It’s heartbreaking to think about why that may be.
Every rescue story is different, but one theme is always the same, it’s WORTH IT. If you want to talk to us about your story, please send us an email at!