There’s nothing more terrifying for a dog parent than the prospect of hearing your dog is ill, needs surgery, or headed into the last part of their lives. The sad truth is, many pet owners across the nation are delivered horrible news like this on a daily basis, and just don’t know where to turn for support, Recently, these people have been turning to instagram to find solace in the experiences others share, and to learn from the advice so many are willing to share without asking for anything in return.

This phenomenon is beautiful, and it’s helping so many pet owners grieve, both pre and post mortem. It doesn’t stop there either, pet owners are interacting with other pet owners across the country for everything from dog food recommendations and brand reviews, to treatment plans, and post surgery advice. It gives us so much hope to see Instagram as a platform begin to bring people together in this way.

We are proud to say we have facilitated a wonderful community of dog owners who use and love our products. They often reach out to one another to ask questions or share stories. Having an interconnected web of customers who support, educate, and validate one another is probably the best thing that’s come out of this small business journey so far. The world is a beautiful place!