People often wonder what qualifying characteristics a dog should have before seeking out full-spectrum hemp products as treatment. I’m going to go into detail about what led our happiest customers to seek products like ours.

For legal reasons, We can’t make medical claims, but our customers seek out our products for so many various ailments, and symptoms that it’s hard to count. The most prominent is likely anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress can manifest themselves in your dogs behaviour in ways that are not only heartbreaking to watch, but can create a whole new set of challenges for the owner. Some of our puppy patients were chewing up furniture, or scratching through doors before their parents found us!

Another ailment that frequently leads dog owners to our products is the acute pain and inflammation that stems from joint issues such as arthritis. Acute pain comes in many different forms, and each one is hard to watch as a loving dog owner.

Also, many of our customers end up initiating their conversations with us by bringing up allergies! So many people are looking for a homeopathic way to help potentially ease the impact of certain environmental allergies. Our products may be a great solution for itchy, irritated rash like skin flare ups caused by allergies!

Many of our customers are using our products in an effort to mitigate the effects of aging, and as a part of their general wellness routines! If you are wondering whether CBD is something your pup would benefit from, and you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.