In an industry is rapidly growing as this, there’s bound to be some bad seeds and some company’s looking to take advantage of people. This quick blog will hopefully help you spot the fakes and ensure your doggie CBD is of the highest quality…

Hello website goers. Today I want to talk about an important topic; How to spot dicey CBD companies before you waste your hard earned dollars.

The most important thing in our eyes is dosing. A high quality, full-spectrum hemp oil product has no reason to be over 350 mg per fluid ounce. If you see a brand advertising a 750mg or 1000mg product, you have to assume it is subpar quality. This is a great metric to use when weeding out companies who are uneducated.

Another important thing to understand is the difference between full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate. Full spectrum hemp oil is minimally processed (think organic/natural), and contains all of the positive health benefits hemp has to offer, including numerous other phytocannabinoids outside of CBD. Isolate is a highly processed base ingredient that is measurably much less effective. Make sure to ask your pets supplier if they are using isolate. Unfortunately the majority of pet brands are, because it’s almost 1/10th of the price and it can be marketed the same way.

One thing people don’t speak about enough is where the hemp component of a product comes from. American hemp is some of the finest in the world, but imported hemp oil is often extremely low quality. Ask your supplier where they source their hemp oil! (Ours is Kentucky grown, on one of the oldest hemp farms in the nation)

3rd party testing is also massively important. If a company can provide you with 3rd party independent test results, they are likely legitimate, and stand behind the ingredients in their formulas.

The unfortunate truth is pet CBD brands are popping up left and right, and many of them will promise potential customers the world to make a sale. These companies have put so much disinformation in the system, it’s hurting honest companies like ours, and even more importantly, hurting the pets who are potentially being robbed of relief because of false promises from companies who likely rushed to market with a minimally viable product.

In summary, make sure you are doing due diligence as you purchase CBD for your pet. Ask the right questions, and trust the brand who responds with the most heart.