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Zak - Los Angeles, CA

“This stuff is literally a miracle dude! Seriously a game changer.”

Heather - Ojai, CA

“We rescued our mini aussie less than a month ago. It’s been absolutely amazing to see first hand how well Canine-Bliss products help dogs who need it most. Moxie is able to relax and becomes fully responsive. She’s even begun to learn complex tricks with her new and improved attention span!”

Nikkimsoco - Monterey Bay, CA

“A big thank you to Canine-Bliss for providing us with a sample of CBD oil to try with Bacon and his sister Molly-May. The oil helps bacon chill out for a few hours, so we can get a leg up with his training. Molly-May is coming out of her shell and found the oil helpful when staying in a hotel. She was able to relax and go to sleep. It’s been going very well, and I’m so happy with their progress!”

Tyler - Colorado Springs, CO

“Grizzly has lost his kennel anxiety and stopped chewing up our floor. His demeanor is much improved and our relationship as a result.”

@hesmyalibi - Malibu, CA

“So about a month ago we got the opportunity to try CBD oil from Canine-Bliss and honestly I DON’T KNOW how I ever went without giving it to my dogs! I wanted to share my experience and I hope others can benefit from it like we have. 100% recommend!”

Arrianna - Maple Valley, WA

“Your CBD has really helped both of my dogs!! I did not think it would work at first lol because the other CBD we were using was a higher dosage and it didn’t seem to be enough. So I just wanted to tell you it has drastically helped both of my dogs. Sully hasn’t destroyed the house since taking it!”

Breclaimed - Chicago, IL

“There’s a huge positive difference over the last couple of days. His frantic need to eat grass is gone, his breathing seems better, no vomiting…appetite is through the roof. (Day 3) He’s still alive, He’s actually put on 15 pounds solely using your product. This dog was walking dead before Canine-Bliss. Skin and bones. So my gratitude runs deep. (Day 30)”

Alex - Tempe, AZ

“I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2019! We just ordered 3 cases because I waited too long. Our dogs love the product and we have seen an amazing impact on their daily routine. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!”

Nikola - Sante Fe, NM

“Your CBD oil is a dream come true! I adopted a very anxious puppy that came from a rough situation. She’s terrified of cars, people, noise and more. She licked the dropper right away… I honestly did expect such drastic results but I’m so grateful for this tool to help my girl!”

How we began...

Our founder, @fraziertheberman, has been a dog lover since he found his best friend in an energetic, clutzy, goofball weimaraner named “Blue”. Blue lived a wonderful life but as he got older struggled with a handful of uncomfortable conditions. Frazier knew there had to be solutions and that was the beginning of what is now Canine-Bliss. Learn more about our mission here…

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